Ease 11


Our host for Ease 11 was Scad Atlanta, where we all gathered for a discussion of the animated short film “Quicksand”. The group who wrote, directed, designed, voiced, animated, and did sound design for the short gave a great process breakdown of their film. We heard about everything from concept art, to future plans both for the short and additional “episodes” they might want to make. The value of the presentation was in hearing how they worked together for a two year period to get this short done, including all of the stumbling blocks, dead ends, and ultimately huge success they acheived. We’re all hoping “Quicksand” does well on the festival circuit and the team can report back at future meetups how things are going.

At the end of the presentation, we managed to get the first ever Ease Atlanta group photo!

Ease 10


Ease 10 was in September and hosted by Witness. They did an AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything). It was an open discussion about things we’ve learned and things we still can learn in running a studio and working in MoGraph. We had a great turnout and continue to be excited about the growth of this community.

Ease 9


The August meeting was the largest turnout yet. Elevation, Inc was our host and the crowd size was big enough that they opted to make arrangements for us to meet in the Trolley Barn instead of their studio space. They are in the process of building out their space and just didn’t have the room. It’s great to see the Atlanta MoGraph community growing.

The theme of the night was pitching and Elevation's presentation focused on wins, losses and learning opportunities. Using a hilarious Dungeons and Dragons theme, ECD Stephen Cocks walked us through case studies that represented pitches they’ve both won and lost. Then, Justin Burks showed us a breakdown of a PSA that he art directed and discussed how everything came together perfectly for them.

Ease 8


Our July meeting was hosted by Fern at the Goat Farm on the westside of Atlanta. James Mabery walked us through the process of creating their short film "Unexpected Discoveries" and gave a preview of a new film they are working  on now.

Ease 7

Ease 6

Our May 2018 meeting was held at the Atlanta office of Huge. Big thanks for Ben Gabelman for hosting and filling us in on the great work Huge is up to.

Ease 5

In April, we met up at Creative Mammals and had a great time catching up on what everyone is up to during a busy spring.

Ease 4

In March, the accomodating folks at MaxMedia let us hang out in their space and tour their lab in which they've set up a number of large, multi screen displays on which they're able to experiment.

Ease 3

If you missed our February meeting, then you missed out. We were hosted at the new Mercedes Stadium and given a VIP behind the scenes tour and demonstration of how their huge screens operate. Better still, we were able to submit animations that were then played on the halo screen while we ran around on the field and watched it all.

Ease 2

The first meeting of 2018 was held, once again, at Ponce City Market. Ben Bullock walked us through some of his recent work and broke down his process for us. You can see more of Ben's work at his site: benbullockdesign.com.

Ease 1

Ease Atlanta kicked off our first meeting at Ponce City Market. We put a lot of faces to names and spent some time listening to the super talented Sam Bass walk us through a recent project he completed at MaxMedia. See the great work Sam does at his site: artbysambass.com.